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The simplest way to get those information are through GUI by using several application such as CPU-Z. In my case, I consider not to install additional software in my machine in order to get those information (RAM).

My searching end up with Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line (WMIC) tool that can extract variety of information. In my case, RAM.

Using wmic through command-line (cmd), just key in memorychip command and press Enter (1).

It will displays BankLabel, Capacity, Caption, CreationClassName, DataWidth, Description, DeviceLocator, FormFactor, HotSwappable, InstallDate, InterleaveDataDepth, InterleavePosition, Manufacturer, MemoryType, Model, Name, OtherIdentifyingInfo, PartNumber, PositionInRow, PoweredOn, Removable, Replaceable, SerialNumber, SKU, Speed, Status, Tag, TotalWidth, TypeDetail and Version. Definitely in one long output.

If you just only need selected information from above, just key in memorychip get capacity,devicelocator,tag  and press Enter.

If you want to extract all above information to text file, simply enter command  wmic memorychip get >ram-info.txt (2).

**you can change text filename (ram-info.txt) based on your desire. 


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