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by Yaakub Idris - Wednesday, 3 December 2014, 9:05 AM
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What is the best wireless card to buy ?
Which card to purchase is a hard question to answer. Each person's criteria is somewhat different, such as one may require 802.11n capability, or may require it to work via virtualisation. However, having said that, if money is not a constraint then the following cards are considered the best in class:

  • Alfa AWUS036H [b/g USB]
  • Ubiquiti SRC [a/b/g Cardbus]
  • Ubiquiti SRX [a/b/g ExpressCard]
  • Airpcap series [USB]

If money is a constraint then consider purchasing a card with a RTL8187L, RT73 or Atheros chipset, also read this first before purchasing . There are many available on the market for fairly low prices. You are simply trading off distance, sensitivity and performance for cost.

If you want to know if your existing card is compatible then use this page: Tutorial: Is My Wireless Card Compatible?

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    1. Click Start button.
    2. From the "Search programs and files" menu,
    3. Key in "edit group policy" and from the menu click "Edit group policy"
    4. Navigate to User ConfigurationAdministrative > Templates > Windows Component > Internet Explorer.
    5. Search for "Disable changing home page settings" and double click it.
    6. Select Enable and key in your preferred Home Page.
    7. Finally click Apply button.
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      by Yaakub Idris - Wednesday, 26 November 2014, 1:46 PM
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      How to view file content

      gunzip -c file-name.gz 

      How to Extract file content.(Original .gz file will be replace)

      gunzip file-name.gz 

      How to Extract file content to another file.
      Noted that you can use different file name or extension
      (Original .gz file are keep intact)

      Gunship -c filename. gz > filename. txt

      How to Compress file-name.txt to file-name.txt.gz in the current directory

      gzip file-name.txt
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        Bare in mind that this is VERY BAD security practice. Make sure your production server doesn't configure this way. 

        Configure Telnet for root logins

        Edit file /etc/default/login and comment out; 

        # CONSOLE=/dev/console 

        Configure FTP for root logins

        Edit file/etc/ftpd/ftpusers and comment out;

        # root
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