Assignment 2

1. Select a research approach and describe your study design. This should include the following:

a. The nature of the study – cross-sectional/longitudinal, experimental/correlational/cause-effect. etc

b. Reason for selecting the study design.

c. The strengths, weaknesses and limitations of the design.

2. Draw an operational framework of the research to indicate all activities planned. Describe the operational framework the details of activities according to phases in tables and paragraphs. Examples of activities that need to be considered includes:

a. Literature review and conceptual framework development process

b. Instrument development

c. The study population.

d. The sampling technique used and its justification.

e. The sample size and its justification.

f. Data collection method and justification of method selection

* Prepare this assignment in words documents with this format:

Font: Times New Roman

Font size: 12

Spacing 1.5